sadsad studio is your

3D Visualization

We create striking visuals of your product that will make you catch yourself staring at the details. From technical outline drawings to photo realistic virtual photography, the stylistic choice is all yours.

Apparel simulation

With years of experience digitizing the apparel industry, we’re more than capable to fully simulate the draping of your garment. The input can range from vector line art to a digital pattern file.


If your product is intended to move, why not show it in use. You can utilize this to highlight the functionality or just to add that little bit of extra pizzazz.

Virtual Prototyping

The translation from your 2D artwork to a real product can be tedious. We take the guesswork out of this equation by offering virtual 3D prototypes.

AR/VR/real-time application

Make that product interactive! We will get your product ready to be viewed in real-time. This enables embedding it on your website for users to freely spin, zoom and explore.