About me

Hi, my name is Markus Bauer. I’m the founder and main artist behind sadsad studio.

Since 2016, I’ve specialized in 3D visualizations for the fashion- and sportswear industry. Various roles within adidas shaped my understanding of the field. Working in both footwear- and apparel design gave me valuable insights in form, construction and the product development cycle. A position in digitization management introduced me to the software and systems behind the scenes.

As the lead artist at INDG, an Amsterdam based 3D agency, I combined my passion for design with my obsession with everything nerdy (except for Star Trek). I honed in on my visualization skills and attention to detail, working with clients like Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, Canada Goose, Crocs and many more.

After eight years in fashion and over twelve years of 3D in total, it was time to leave the safety of permanent employment and go freelance. For this reason sadsad studio was conceived.

The team

Working freelance doesn’t mean working alone. This is why I’m referring to “we” in most communication on the website. I have had the opportunity to work with a pool of talented people along my path, many of which also chose to work as freelancers. This enables sadsad studio to scale according to client requirements, ensuring bigger projects and faster turnarounds.